The most technologically advanced LC columns ever created, combining faster separations with higher resolution by harnessing the full potential of small particles. Designed, tested, and guaranteed for use in applications up to 15000 psi...


Usually the first column of choice for reversed-phase chromatographic separation or method development. When compared to other columns such as a C8, C4, CN, phenyl, or an amino bonded phase, OD C18 is the most hydrophobic...

SMT Bulk Sorbents & Packings

Our specially designed bulk packings are very robust and stable at extreme pH conditions and high temperatures. Our packings can be utilized for large-scale purifications of most compounds...

SMT Speciality Columns

SMT specialty columns include special columns designed for reversed phase, normal phase, and ion exchange chromatography when separation is difficult with conventional bonded phases...

Providing Separation Alternatives Since 1993
Separation Methods Technologies, Incorporated (SMT) is a surface chemistry research and manufacturing corporation founded in 1993. SMT’s goal is to provide chromatographers with outstanding specialty columns and bulk packing materials for various separation chemistries, ranging from analytical to the process scale. The primary focus for SMT is on the creation of well-organized functional molecules on substrate surfaces for various functions, including chromatographic applications and materials engineering.

Chromatography for Industrial Applications

News & Updates

News & Updates

The columns lifetimes averaged approximately 3500 injections or more...By choosing the SMT OD-5-100/3 column you overcome the most critical obstacles that limit analytical run time and facilitates rapid analysis of the drug-like compounds at a rate of greater than 500 samples per day per instrument.Anthony Macherone, PhDAssociate Research Fellow, ASDI BioSciences
He built this company with his own two hands, and with his own hard work and determination...His columns outperform the columns of many of the leading companies in the chromatography industry.Mary J. Wirth, PhDProfessor, Analytical Chemistry, Purdue University
We received the C18 resin (BOD-35-150) several weeks ago and had one of our Michelle-Millar glass chromatography columns packed with this material. We found the resin provided excellent retention of our hydrophilic NIR dye allowing for efficient purification. Thanks for your assistance. Sincerely,Garrick Little, PhDSenior Scientist, LI-COR Biosciences
The product works very well! I had great success with the three purifications that I ran last week. I used your C18 material in a 450mm/15mm Buchi glass column and so far separated up to 50 mg of a complex dye mixture...Brigitte Schmidt, PhDSenior Chemist, Carnegie Mellon University
We are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and as such, have a complete control over quality and ensuring reproducibility of your chromatography. As an OEM, we utilize proven procedures at every stage of manufacture to guarantee consistency in our silica purity, pore size, particle size, as well as chemical bonding.
SMT’s policy has been to never change any product that has an existing customer base; however, when improvements are made, an entirely new SMT product line is introduced. In addition, SMT columns are equipped with standard 1/16″ fittings and are compatible with ALL standard HPLC/UHPLC systems (including systems by Agilent, Waters, ThermoFisher, Shimadzu, etc.)
Worldwide Capability
SMT has a worldwide distribution network with products available all over United States, Canada, France, Germany, England, Asia, Africa and other locations. SMT delivers the same high quality products throughout the world.