About Us

Separation Methods Technologies, Incorporated (SMT, Inc.) is a surface chemistry research corporation. Our goal is to provide chromatographers with outstanding column packing materials and specialty columns for various separation chemistries ranging from analytical to process scale. Our primary focus is on the creation of well organized functional molecules on substrate surfaces for various functions, including chromatographic applications and materials engineering. SMT Inc. was founded in 1993. The company has its corporate headquarters in Newark, DE, with a worldwide distribution network.

SMT utilizes proprietary bonding technologies that result in bonded phase coverages that approach 100%. SMT’s methods of bonding allow the density of the functional ligands to be controlled with appropriate spacer molecules, a novel procedure that ensures Total Coverage™ and highly cross-linked polysiloxane under layer structure. The results are bonded phases that are well protected and that show unprecedented resistance to both acid and base hydrolysis. SAM technology provides you with widest range of column retention selectivities and performance benefits.

Our Goal

SMT is a surface chemistry research corporation with a goal of providing chromatographers with the highest quality polymeric, monomeric, specialty column, and bulk packing packing materials for various separation chemistries including pharmaceutical and environmental applications.

Our Business Approach

Innovation: For over 25 years, SMT has repeatedly led the industry to new standards of measuring performance expected of capillary, UHPLC, HPLC and LPLC columns as well as the column packing materials. Our Total Coverage bonding scheme has forced many competitors to come up with all kinds of new products that fail to surpass the performance of SMT products. This is exactly why experts in chromatography turn to SMT for solutions to their toughest separation issues.

Reproducibility: We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), therefore, we have a complete control over quality and ensuring reproducibility of your chromatography methods. As an OEM, we utilize proven procedures at every stage of manufacturing to guarantee consistency in our silica purity, pore size, particle size, as well as chemical bonding.

Reliability: SMT’s policy has been to never change any product that has an existing customer base; however, when improvements are made, an entirely new SMT product line is introduced. Thus, a method developed on any of our products can be retained forever.

Product Range: We have introduced over 100 stationary phases that have resulted in over 8,000 products for capillary, UHPLC, HPLC, MPLC and LPLC. We offer you products that will match or exceed your expectation of high performance with virtually any HPLC application, from small molecules to large proteins, at microbore separation or production scale.

Technical Support: Our technical support representatives bring years of experience directly to your laboratory, significantly reducing cost of method development.

Worldwide Capability: SMT has a worldwide distribution network with products available all over North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. SMT delivers the same high-quality products throughout the world.