Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies of the Reactivity of Iron(IV) TAMLs Toward Organic Sulfides in Water: Resolving a Fast Catalysis Versus Slower Single-Turnover Reactivity Dilemma – SMT REFERENCED ARTICLE

Deboshri Banerjee, Alexander D. Ryabov & Terrence J. Collins
Journal of Coordination Chemistry

TAML complex is oxidized by H2O2 or tBuOOH in water at pH < 10 into the corresponding iron(IV) μ-oxo-bridged dimer 2, which oxidizes readily ring-substituted thioanisoles p-XC6H4SMe (X=H, MeO, Me, Cl, CN) into the corresponding sulfoxides with regeneration of 1. The oxidation studied under pseudo-first-order conditions using the stopped-flow technique by monitoring the fading of the 420-nm band of 2 follows hyperbolic kinetics according to the rate law kobs = ab[p-XC6H4SMe]/(1 + b[p-XC6H4SMe]) at pH 8 and 25 °C…. Orange II was purified by passing through a column filled with SMT Bulk-C18 (Separation Methods Technologies Inc., Newark) with water–methanol mixture (9 : 1) as an eluent… READ MORE HERE