SMT MetalSep Resin

SMT MetalSep Resin is offered as bulk packing materials for low pressure liquid chromatography, solid phase extraction, preparatory and process scale applications. The packings consist of proprietary strong cation exchange functional ligands that are chemically attached on silica substrate using Total Coverage technology. Total Coverage technology utilizes advanced Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM) to achieve bonded phase coverages that approach 100%. Our method of bonding allows the density of the functional ligands to be controlled with appropriate spacer molecules, a procedure that ensures highly cross-linked polysiloxane under layer structure. The results are bonded phases that are well protected and that show unprecedented resistance to both acid and base hydrolysis. The packing materials offer strong selectivities toward heavy metal ions such as Copper, gold, nickel, silver, iron, etc.

Applications include:
• Precious metal recovery
• Minimized capital expenditure through optimized process design
• Reduced water consumption and abstraction via treated water recycling
• Improved productivity and product quality, through secured and clean process water
• Improved quality and reduced volume of generated sludge
• General purification of drinking or waste water

Precious Metal Recovery: Cu, Au, Ni, Ag, Fe
Product: MetalSep1-35-150 or MetalSep1-35-60
Solutes: 1=waste water from electroplating bath
1. Run industrial waste water through glass column packed with MetalSep1 column packing material (see diagram in Figure 1) that is equilibrated with aqueous solution [e.g. pH=7] 2. Collect the effluent and run into environmentally acceptable discharge.
3. Regenerate the packing by successive washing of the bed with aqueous solution of pH=6, pH=5, pH=4, pH= 3, pH=2 and pH=1.
4. Continual purification is possible with repetitive application of steps 1 to 4 on isolated waste water sample.