Fe(III)–TAML-Catalyzed Green Oxidative Degradation of the Azo Dye Orange II by H2O2 and Organic Peroxides: Products, Toxicity, Kinetics, and Mechanisms — SMT REFERENCED ARTICLE

Green ChemistryNaima Chahbane, Delia-Laura Popescu, Douglas A. Mitchell, Arani Chanda, Dieter Lenoir, Alexander D. Ryabov, Karl-Werner Schramma and Terrence J. Collins
Green Chemistry

Oxidation of Orange II ([4-[(2-hydroxynaphtyl)azo]benzenesulfonic acid], sodium salt) by hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by iron(III) complexed to tetra amido macrocyclic ligands (FeIII–TAML activators) in aqueous solutions at pH 9–11 leads to CO2, CO, phthalic acid and smaller aliphatic carboxylic acids as major mineralization products. The products are non-toxic according to the Daphnia magna test. Several organic intermediates have been identified by HPLC and GC-MS that allowed the detailed description of Orange II degradation … 26 Ozone degrades practically all dyes, reacting rapidly with both C–N and N N bonds … for the oxidative degradation of Orange II by H2O2 and organic peroxides … For kinetic investigations, Orange II was purified by passing through a column filled with SMT Bulk-C18 (Separation Methods Technologies, Inc.)… READ MORE HERE