C30: Triacontyl Columns

SMT TA C30 columns consist of Triacontyl as the functional ligand. The columns offer selectivities that are much different from C18 reversed-phase columns when applied to separation of carotenoid and related compounds. Carotenoids consist of very diverse groups of molecules that include nonpolar hydrocarbons and polar xanthophylls. These compounds have geometric and positional isomers with very subtle molecular differences that can pose challenges in separation. Previous efforts to separate these compounds with available C18 and other reversed phases have been unsatisfactory. SMT-C30 ligand provides sufficient interactive sites for complete partitioning of these positional isomers.

Are you looking for a column with custom specifications (pore size, particle size, length and/or I.D.) not available on this site? Please contact us as we can manufacture the exact column you need.

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