PFP Columns (C6F5)

SMT C6F5 columns consist of Pentafluorophenyl as the functional ligand. The columns offer selectivities that are different from other reversed-phase columns when applied to separation of halogenated compounds, ketones, esters, and taxols.  Taxol has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for treatment of ovarian cancer.   SMT C6F5 columns are specially designed for the separation of Taxols.  The crude and complex nature of the matrix tend to shorten the column lifetime when traditional reversed-phase columns are used in this application.  SMT C6F5 columns are much more suitable alternatives for the separation of these compounds.

Are you looking for a column with custom specifications (pore size, particle size, length and/or I.D.) not available on this site? Please contact us as we can manufacture the exact column you need.

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