SEC/GPC Columns

SMTgel™ (silica-based) columns are specialty SMT columns designed for specific applications including gel permeation (GPC), ion exchange, reversed phase, hydrophobic interaction, hydrophilic interaction, and affinity chromatography. SMTgel™ columns are packed with chemically modified silica particles with functional molecules for specific applications and pore sizes to accommodate wide range of analyte molecular weights.

The packing materials feature modified surface chemistry designed to minimize sample adsorption on the silica substrate. All popular biomolecule separation modes are covered by SMTgel™ (silica-based) columns. Because SMTgel™ columns are silica-based, they must be operated within the recommended pH range of 2.0 – 10.0. Detailed operating conditions are described in the information accompanying the columns. We recommend protecting these columns with the appropriate SMTgel™ guard column.

SMTgel™ RP are available in wide selection of pore sizes, from 100Å to 2000Å. For example, SMTgel™ 100RP, 300RP, 1000RP, and 2000RP are packed with rigid, porous, 100Å, 300Å, 1000Å, and 2000Å, of chemically modified silica gel with nonpolar ligands, respectively. They can be used for the both normal and reversed phase separation of oligomers and polymers up to 10,000,000 Da Molecular Weight. SMTgel™ RP columns are shipped in Acetonitrile/water or methanol/water, which can be exchanged for a wide variety of other organic/water solvents. SMTgel™ RP columns are ideal for gel permeation chromatography and are stable in solvents having a wide range of polarities. The particles DO NOT swell or shrink as the solvent is changed from common organic solvents like toluene through methanol or other solvents. Furthermore, these columns can be used with polar solvents, such as water or water/methanol mixtures. These columns are available in spherical 5 and 10 um particle sizes. Spherical 5 µm silica particles provide a minimum of 20,000 plates per 30 cm x 7.8 mm I.D. column. Four pore sizes are available, ranging from an exclusion limit of about 100,000 Daltons for 100RP columns to more than 10,000,000 Daltons for 2000RP columns.

Different modifications:

  • RP
  • Diol

Column exclusion limits (in Daltons):

  • 100Å MW range: 100 ~ 100,000
  • 300Å MW range: 5,000 ~ 1,250,000
  • 1000Å MW range: 50,000 ~ 7,500,000
  • 2000Å MW range: >10,000,000

Available through changes in the non-polar characteristics of the SMTgel™ packing material with RP being the least non-polar and Diol being the most polar. Specialty mixed bed columns are also available as they feature extended linear molecular weight operating ranges for sample screening or more challenging analyses.

Are you looking for a column with custom specifications (pore size, particle size, length and/or I.D.) not available on this site? Please contact us as we can manufacture the exact column you need.

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