SMT SAM AP-5-300/30 – Normal Phase Aminopropyl NH2 Column

Particle Size: 5 µm, Pore Size: 300Å, Length: 300 mm, I.D.: 4.6 mm


Particle Size: 5 µm, Pore Size: 300Å, Length: 300 mm, I.D.: 4.6 mm

SMT manufactures very stable aminopropyl [NH2] columns.

SMT aminopropyl columns are often recommended for the separation of polar compounds and can be used in three separation modes:


Weak Anion Exchange


In normal phase mode, the columns can be used to separate polar compounds such as substituted anilines, phenols, and chlorinated pesticides. In reversed-phase mode, separation of organic acids and anions is possible with the addition of common buffers. Other applications include reversed-phase separation of carbohydrates in food and beverages.

Unique features:

Improved separation of polar solutes; excellent sample recovery; high loading capability

High reproducibility of bonded ligand resulting in consistent separation

Increased longevity provided through Total Coverage

Are you looking for a column with custom specifications (pore size, particle size, length and/or I.D.) not available on this site? Please contact us as we can manufacture the exact column you need.

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