SMT SAM TotalSep™ Silica – SPE Cartridges

For analytes in nonpolar solutions, and separate compounds of very similar structure with our silica SPE cartridges

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SMT manufactures the most reliable silica TotalSep™ Silica – SPE cartridges available. When silica is used as the stationary phase, the functional groups involved in separation are the surface silanols. However, metal impurities in silica may provide additional sites of interaction for solutes of interest. SMT uses high purity silica packing materials. These SPE cartridges have performed well in the separation of many polar compounds such as pesticides and organic acids.

Unique features include:

Ultra pure silica

High reproducibility batch to batch resulting in consistent separation

High throughput – No carry over of any analytes

*Other custom configurations may be available

Additional information

Bed Weight

50mg, 100mg, 200mg, 500mg, 1g, 2g


1mL, 3mL, 6mL

Particle Size

35-60 µm

Pore Size