Return and Warranty Policy

Separation Methods Technologies, Inc. (SMT) Customer Service & Technical Support is ready to assist you with product returns should a problem occur with your order. SMT recommends immediate inspection of all packages upon receipt. Please notify us immediately in the event of damage or any discrepancy. In the event of an incorrect product shipment we will take immediate action to correct your order.

A Return Authorization Number for consumables products and spare parts must be obtained prior to returning any item. If any item is being returned for a warranty reason, please call our SMT Customer Service Department at (302) 368-0610. If a return is required due to an incorrect order, shipping error, or damage claim, please contact our SMT Customer Service Department.

Below are guidelines to our Warranty and Return Process:

  1. SMT will replace, without cost, any product that fails to perform satisfactorily, if notified within thirty (30) days of receipt of the product. During this period, SMT will, at its’ discretion, either repair or replace the claimed defective product or credit the price of the product to the customer (minus any shipping charges).
  • Some specific products may not be returned for credit: These items include but are not limited to custom products such as bulk packing materials, UHPLC columns, semi-preparative, preparative, specialty columns (e.g. Chiral, Protein A, PAH, SEC/GPC, TNT, Urea, CIB columns) and products missing labels, parts, or manuals.
  1. Any product returned, must have a Return Authorization Number granted by the SMT Technical Customer Service Department or the local SMT sales office. Some products may be requested to be returned for evaluation before a final disposition (repair, replace, credit, declined) is decided.
  1. Approval is subject to the following exclusions:
  • Physical damage to the product because of misuse or abuse.
  • Damage to the product because of use with incompatible solvents or use at incorrect temperatures or pressure.
  • Failure or decreased performance as a consequence of normal use.
  • Any product that has been repaired by others, improperly installed, altered, or damaged in any way.
  1. Returns made due to error by the customer placing the order may be charged a 10% restocking fee.
  1. The Warranty is limited to the original purchaser of record for the said product.
  • All returns shall be subject to the express prior authorization of SMT and may require (at SMT’s discretion) payment by the buyer of a restocking charge.
  • For returns please contact our SMT Customer Service Department at (302) 368-0610.