Bulk Packing Material & Media

SMT SAM Total Coverage packings are designed for usage from analytical to process scale purification. The primary purpose for analytical method developments in pharmaceutical and food industries is for subsequent process scale purification. The analytical steps are used to reduce the cost incurable in erroneous large-scale purification steps. SMT is a specialty column company, and as such, offers services that can enhance scale-up of your analytical methods development. Bulk samples are offered for your initial evaluation.

SMT offers a variety of packing materials in bulk quantities for reversed-phase, normal phase, and ion exchange chromatography. SMT’s packing materials usually consists of silica substrates and are made with total coverage technology and guaranteed to last much longer than our competitors’ packings.

Unique features include:

  • Extremely High Coverage (99.99%) vs Competitors’ (30-50%)
  • Highest levels of Consistency and Reproducibility
  • Wide range of pH stability (e.g. 1 to 12 for C18)
  • High throughput – No carry over of any analytes
  • Low back pressure
  • Improved Resolution
  • Perfect for Solid Phase Extraction and Process Scale purifications
  • Ideal for applications in flash cartridges

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