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Sequencing Grade Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Top-Down Proteomics Using Hybrid Electron Capture Dissociation Methods in a Benchtop Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer – SMT REFERENCED ARTICLE

Shaw JB, Malhan N, Vasil’ev YV, Lopez NI, Makarov A, Beckman JS, Voinov VG
Analytical Chemistry, 2018

American Journal of Microbiological Research, Separation Methods TechnologiesCompared to traditional collision induced dissociation methods, electron capture dissociation (ECD) provides more comprehensive characterization of large peptides and proteins as well as preserves labile post-translational modifications. However, ECD experiments are generally restricted to the high magnetic fields of FTICR-MS that enable the reaction of large polycations and electrons. Here, we demonstrate the use of an electromagnetostatic ECD cell to perform ECD and hybrid ECD methods utilizing 193 nm photons (ECuvPD) or collisional activation (EChcD) in a benchtop quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer…and were packed in-house with 3 µm 300 AÌŠ C2 [BMEB2-5-300] reversed phase resin (Separation Methods Technologies, INC., Newark, DE). mAb IdeS digest (0.1 μg) was loaded onto the trap column and washed for 10 min at 5 µL/min with 1% mobile phase B…READ MORE HERE


Extraction of Phytochemicals from Eucalyptus Spp. & Withania Somnifera and Their Biological Testing – SMT REFERENCED ARTICLE

Praveen Kumar Gupta, Priyanka V, Lingayya Hiremath, S Narendra Kumar, Ajeet Kumar Srivastava
American Journal of Microbiological Research, 2018

American Journal of Microbiological Research, Separation Methods TechnologiesDisease incidence and prevalence is increasing in developing countries leading to high mortality and morbidity rates. Since most of the developing countries rely on traditional plant based medicine, there is huge demand for identifying the bioactive compounds from plant origin with medicinal properties owing to their safety, availability and reduced side effects. This project focuses on extraction of two different phytochemicals from Eucalyptus Spp and Withania Somnifera…HPLC analysis was carried out on a LC-20AT system (Shimadzu, Japan) using a reverse-phase C18 column [OD-5-100/25] (4.6 mm x 250 mm; Separation Methods Technologies)…READ MORE HERE


SMT SAM Reversed-Phase C18 Column

SMT SAM C18 HPLC Column and Chromatography Media

• High density octadecyl (C18) ligand, achieved through meticulous mixture of the C18 with proprietary spacer molecules to ensure maximum coverage

• Very stable at a wide pH range (1-12) and high temperatures

• Extremely sensitive and exceptional performance

• Carbon Load – OD Series: ~24%; Elite C18 Series: ~16%; ODL Series: ~12%
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SMT SAM WCX-O Mix-Mode Column

SMT SAM WCX-O Mixed-Mode silica-based columns are manufactured with weak cation exchange and hydrophobic alkyl functional groups. These advanced columns are ideal for reversed-phase, weak cation-exchange, and hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography modes. In addition, these columns provide superior selectivity and efficiency in the separation of proteins and other biomolecules.
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